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Heuristic Analysis

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In the companies I have worked for, one of the services they offered were to analyse the websites and mobile apps of the clients for their usability, findability of information, ease of navigation and various other parameters. Many a times, I have walked into a conference room of clients, armed with a heuristic analysis report of their website-only to tell them that their baby is ugly. Some of them would be mad, but when the facts start to roll out, they listen. There are websites we like and there are…read more


usability problem – multi level car parking

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A company is building a huge multilevel car parking. It is 10 floors high and 200 cars per floor. While this new parking space will solve a lot of problems for the people, there is a new issue that is creeping up. How to remember where exactly you parked your car. Frankly i have faced this issue with a 4 floor building, with just 50 cars/floor. “hmmm was it on the ninth floor ? or seventh ? I think its an odd number..” Some guys who are very meticulous will…read more


Skipping Advertisements on TV

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All I would need is a small button. I am not aware of any TV remotes that has this button. But let me guarantee you, we are talking about a button which is going to be used very frequently. If you are a person like me, very very frequently. Function of the button is simple- it swaps you to any other pre-set channel for a pre-set time, and returns back to the channel you were watching. It works like this- Most programs have a specified time duration for the commercial…read more


Advertisements in news websites

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Have you ever wondered how the sites would be without the ads? Yea, i know some sites run on the money generated from ads. No problem. That is when the site is their main business. But what about the sites which are complimentary to their main business? That is they make the money through some other means, and use the sites to promote their main business? In that case their site itself becomes an ad for their main business! I am taking about sites of news channels be it TV…read more